Goddess of the Skies

Goddess of the Skies

So, this is an old character of mine that I haven’t drawn in a while. I was listening to the slower version of “Passion” by Hikaru Utada when this sort of image popped into my head. One thing lead to another and here it is!

I promise I’m hard at work on the next Drastic Fall page! It’s been absurdly busy for me. When your work schedule is a rotating one, more often than not, you find yourself succumbing to exhaustion as well as catching up on other mundane yet time-consuming errands. But I do profusely apologize to you, those who follow my little corner of WordPress, I will try to update as frequent as possible. 😀


The Ghost of Time

The Ghost of Time

Now this is a veeeeery old drawing! I drew this about four years ago (that’s old, right?) and just never had the chance to post it online until just recently. It was inspired by VNV Nation’s song “Ghost” and it just invoked in my mind, this image of the skull with a clock in its eye over the lonely landscape, save for the towers. And, whew, I don’t think my hands have ever been this covered in graphite!