Snape and the Patronus + Story Time

Snape and his Patronus… This was the first image that came to mind, the one I wanted to work on the most when I signed up for the art show. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces that I did, I got a little emotional working on it, looking back at Snape’s past and of… Continue reading Snape and the Patronus + Story Time

If You Cut It Down, Then You’ll Never Know

  “How high can the sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you’ll never know.” The second image done for the art show. I had a really hard time finding a stock image of a sycamore tree – so a forest just had to do. The style of the drawing was inspired by the… Continue reading If You Cut It Down, Then You’ll Never Know

Goddess of the Skies

Goddess of the Skies

So, this is an old character of mine that I haven’t drawn in a while. I was listening to the slower version of “Passion” by Hikaru Utada when this sort of image popped into my head. One thing lead to another and here it is!

I promise I’m hard at work on the next Drastic Fall page! It’s been absurdly busy for me. When your work schedule is a rotating one, more often than not, you find yourself succumbing to exhaustion as well as catching up on other mundane yet time-consuming errands. But I do profusely apologize to you, those who follow my little corner of WordPress, I will try to update as frequent as possible. 😀