The Ghost of Time

The Ghost of Time

Now this is a veeeeery old drawing! I drew this about four years ago (that’s old, right?) and just never had the chance to post it online until just recently. It was inspired by VNV Nation’s song “Ghost” and it just invoked in my mind, this image of the skull with a clock in its eye over the lonely landscape, save for the towers. And, whew, I don’t think my hands have ever been this covered in graphite!


Drastic Fall Ch1 Pg3

Drastic Fall Ch1 Pg3

Good grief, is this page late or what? Sorry for the lateness, it’s been a busy week. Working with a rotating schedule leaves you with so little free time. :/ It’s that very reason I haven’t been able to work on page 4 all week, otherwise I would have finished it on time. I will still have a post Tuesday (hopefully), have a few pieces of other artwork that I finished a week and a half ago. But hopefully I can have page 4 done by next Tuesday. Sorry, guys. 😦

Drastic Fall ch1 pg 1

Drastic Fall ch1 pg 1

I meant to post this yesterday, but in the very little amount of time I had before leaving somewhere, my computer decided it needed an update. Just my luck, eh? :T

You know, I’m actually kind of happy how this page came out. It has its mistakes, I can’t spot them, but I’m sure they’re there. Anyway, I rarely ever draw cityscapes, so I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. If anyone has any critique, you’re more than welcome to share it! On DA I’m always encouraging my fellow deviants, as I value each piece of advice to help me further improve work. 🙂 Hope you guys will enjoy the story. I’m currently hard at work with the next pages. 🙂

Drastic Fall – cover

Drastic Fall - cover

Summary: The year is 2502.

The point of the Mentior Project was to save lives through medical research. However the entire project had been taken over and used for military purposes instead – a decision that ended up causing humanity’s near destruction after one fateful encounter, one fateful day. Destruction was everywhere in the wake of the world war, secrets were scattered everywhere – and Danny is out to find them all and expose the truth to the broken masses and find the people responsible for it and bring them to justice. Since the world governments can’t seem to do it themselves.

Genre: Scifi, action, drama, psychological
Rated: R, for language and violence.


Sorry for the lateness posting this! I know I said Feb 11, however yesterday I only had enough time to post this up on DeviantArt. I really want to say I will have an update once a week, but I have so few pages at this time. I mean, I could have waited until it was more complete… but I set a deadline of Feb 11 of this year because it marked my ten years as a member of DA. But I will have as many frequent updates as possible. I hope you guys will enjoy this series, and wish me luck!

Coming soon…

Coming soon...

A project that has been delayed and definitely a little more different than what I had originally planned. This is a comic I’ve been working on, and it will finally begin its run next week. Nervous, excited? Both. Here’s a little summary:

A human experiment that was originally intended to help save lives through medicine was forced into military use: creating superhuman soldiers that are neither flesh nor cyborg. But that experiment became the tool to one of the world’s most destructive wars. The specimen was recaptured and locked away in secret for future use. The men behind it: scattered and missing. Danny, a mysterious young man seeks to find the truth behind the experiment, hunt down the man that caused so much tragedy and bring them all to justice.