This Is My Heartbeat design + Plans for the journal

Hi, guys! Hope you’ve been doing well since the last time I posted on here! So, this time I have a new design available called “This Is My Heartbeat”. The concept for this design is a love of music. I can’t go a day without some good music, it helps wake me up, get me… Continue reading This Is My Heartbeat design + Plans for the journal

Tea Time

Hi, everyone! Glad to be posting again! After many struggles to get my latest design, it is finally done! This is basically a remake of a painting I made six years ago. I really wanted to incorporate it into my designs, but the format just wouldn’t have worked out if I wanted it on clothing.… Continue reading Tea Time

Goddess of the Skies

Goddess of the Skies

So, this is an old character of mine that I haven’t drawn in a while. I was listening to the slower version of “Passion” by Hikaru Utada when this sort of image popped into my head. One thing lead to another and here it is!

I promise I’m hard at work on the next Drastic Fall page! It’s been absurdly busy for me. When your work schedule is a rotating one, more often than not, you find yourself succumbing to exhaustion as well as catching up on other mundane yet time-consuming errands. But I do profusely apologize to you, those who follow my little corner of WordPress, I will try to update as frequent as possible. 😀