Sailor Moon

  Commissioned by a really good friend of mine. It’s one of the first things I sketched out after my PC was fixed and running normally. XD I haven’t drawn anything Sailor Moon related in so long now, so I was really happy to work on this one. Done in PaintToolSAI. Advertisements

Sunset Walkers

Done in Sakura Koi watercolors. ******* Available in prints on Etsy: Also on Reddbubble: And Society6:

Cosmic Lion + Etsy updates

Hello! Sorry for the huge gap – my hard drive unexpectedly failed a couple of months ago, and it’s only been within the past few days that I have been able to get my system running and operational again! I’m back and I have a few paintings I had done while my computer was down.… Continue reading Cosmic Lion + Etsy updates

Princess Leia

  It’s sort of my little tribute to Carrie Fisher – I still feel like this doesn’t feel worthy of her. But this is the best I can do for now. I won’t lie, I loved all the Disney princesses as a little girl… but Leia was THE princess I wanted to BE. I looked… Continue reading Princess Leia

Love, From Baby Seal + Etsy shop

  It started off as a random little thing I did during down time, in between client emails (got a biiiiig project in the works). Right now, I just have this urge to draw animals – real or otherwise in my upcoming works. I currently have this little obsession with seals in particular, but we’ll… Continue reading Love, From Baby Seal + Etsy shop