Snape and the Patronus + Story Time


Snape and his Patronus… This was the first image that came to mind, the one I wanted to work on the most when I signed up for the art show. It’s definitely one of my favorite pieces that I did, I got a little emotional working on it, looking back at Snape’s past and of course Alan Rickman. I really wanted to portray the unspoken sadness Snape had internalized for so long. I remember just hating him so much up until I learned about his past and then his sacrifice. Yeah, lots of feels there. ;__;




If you’re wondering how the 8Bit Brewery show went, it went AMAZING. I was honestly not expecting this level of success, looking back at how I did on my previous show. Now on that one I was so severely under prepared, but it was my first show. I just felt so underwhelming compared to the other artists, who were so amazing. I was pretty “blah” in comparison. But this time went a lot better, I was better prepared and had better presentation. I still made lots of mistakes that slashed off some points from me, but I’m definitely learning more and more as I go along, and whatever I learned in this recent show, I will be applying to the next one. I have a pretty good idea on when the next one will be and what the theme is, I’m just waiting for the announcements from the presenters, but I will keep you SoCal peeps updated.

Having done as well as I did last weekend, it really gave me this spark of hope and motivation. And I almost didn’t do the show! I was ready to back out, I lacked a lot of confidence. I was so afraid of failing again, but I have a lot of people around me who believe in me as an artist. It was too late to back out, so I pushed forward and in the end, I sold a lot of art and got so many compliments and praises from people… it felt so surreal. I never expected this kind of response. I definitely feel that confidence to keep working for my dream.

There’s a couple of moments from the show that just really stood out to me, just because I HAVE to tell this one particular story: so, there was this couple, just looking at my work and next to them there was a woman doing the same. They had no connection to each other, whatsoever, apart from the couple. So, they begin chatting, the woman asks me a few questions before getting back to the couple. She asks them how long they had been together, they had been married for seven years. “Oh, that’s so sweet!” She said. “That is so wonderful you’ve been married for so long. I can feel the love both of you have for each other, and it’s so beautiful and inspiring!” Next thing I know… she’s offering to buy them my prints as a present.

“Is she serious?!” I’m thinking. “Nah, I’m sure it won’t happen.”

“Let me give you a minute, choose which of these beautiful works you’re most drawn to!” She insisted to the couple. I’m still trying to process what’s going on. She gives them a few minutes or so, she comes back and asks them which ones they like the most. After choices were made, she bought the couple the prints of their choice, one being the Little Rain Owl and one of Snape prints I will be posting soon. For herself, she bought the larger print of Dumbledore, both recently posted.

I was so touched by her buying a gift for these two people that she didn’t even know. That was so incredibly sweet of her! It was truly a random act of kindness on her part. It was so nice seeing new friendships being formed right in front of me. After the moment of happiness and love she showers me with so many praises, my face is as red as my lipstick! It was such a wonderful moment, I don’t think this lady realizes what a strong and positive impact she’s had on multiple people in that moment. And that’s something I’m never going to forget.

Another couple paid more than the asking price for one of my larger prints. I priced my 11 x 14 prints at $10, they gave me $15. When they gave me the cash, I was confused. “Oh, here, you gave me too much,” I said to them as I handed back the $5. “No, it’s for you,” the guy responded. “Your work is worth more than that.”


So, yeah, you can see why I am ecstatic as I am. It’s really brought my confidence up, when I barely had any, and makes me want to go out there and keep doing more art shows like this. I’m going to keep pushing forward.


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