Reflecting My Art – an article by the artist

Hope you guys have been enjoying my new line of work. Music has been a pretty big influence on my imagination. I haven’t felt this creative in a long time, I just had a lot get thrown at me in my personal life. Life felt toxic, people felt toxic… And I never realized it all until I removed myself from those places and people. That’s what “Metamorphosis” (the painting with the butterfly person) is all about. I suddenly found myself able to change into which way I wanted. And what I want in life really isn’t very much: inner peace, wisdom, strength, resilience on the inside… peace, good company, and to have all the things I need in life.

And I was bigger than my little caterpillar form could hold. For a while, I was stuck in a cocoon type of state of mind. It’s really hard to describe it what my cocoon was like. But in the end I wanted to change a lot as a human being, thus I am coming out of my cocoon… and it’s really been reflecting a lot in my art. Particularly with “The Phoenix”, which I’m playing with making it into an entire series of paintings. There’s the saying “what does not kill you makes you stronger”, and I’ve gone and tied in another saying to it: “sometimes you have to die to truly live”.

Sometimes things will happen that will absolutely devastate us, leaving us thinking from how life is so unfair, to how could this happen? to blaming ourselves. But sometimes things really do happen for a reason… and I know a lot of people roll their eyes whenever they hear that. But when you look back on something, meditate on it and think about what you got and what you learned from it… it really puts it into perspective: “this happened, I suffered and this is what I got from it”. And for me it’s been a lot of things that I learned and became stronger.

In the end, it all comes down to how YOU want to answer to what’s presented in front of you. Do you want to let it all pull you down and drown from it, or do you want to stand and face the situation to the best of your abilities? Simply letting fate make that decision for you seems like the easier option. But is it worth it? Taking control of your fate seems like a painful option – but as Buddhism states: to live is to suffer and struggle. No matter what path you take, it’s always to be a struggle… you may as well try to be the one that calls the shots. YOU get to decide what will make that struggle worth it. Whether it’s bettering yourself, your immediate environment or a dream and goals you’re aspiring to.

Take it from me, I’ve learned a lot of lessons the hard way. And now I pass my hard-learned wisdom on to you, the person reading. I hope my art or this little rant has sparked something within you for looking toward a much better today and a much better tomorrow and beyond. Good luck. ❤


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