The Phoenix



Sometimes it’s not what does not kill you that makes you stronger. Sometimes it’s what does, but does not keep you dead as you rise out of the ashes. Each flame is stronger than before.

This was inspired by Lindsey Stirling’s “The Phoenix”, which is such a beautiful song (all of her songs are beautiful, it’s hard to pick a favorite). As my first work of the new year, I wanted this one to symbolize my own personal journey through life. They say things happen for a reason, and I know a lot of people really hate that saying but there is a certain amount of truth to it. The way these things happen will often make very little to no sense. Until it’s all over, then you realize those things and those people just… don’t belong in your life anymore. And that’s okay. Not everyone that turns their backs on you is a loss. I actually find myself happier and more free without what I thought I lost. Since then I learned a lot, I discovered new things and encountered better people.

I’m rising out of my own ashes. If you’re going through something rough right now, after it’s all over, you will too.


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