Episode 3 and Rise of Iron

sorry for the late post! I put up the video a week ago, I haven’t been able to get on my laptop since the upload! Without further ado, here is episode three of my Destiny adventures:





Along with the release of the video, I am also here to discuss Destiny’s new DLC: The Rise of Iron. I can’t tell you enough how excited I was, we haven’t really had anything this big since The Taken King. And it was overdue.


The Rise of Iron takes us back to The House of Devils back in year one, trying to acquire SIVA which would end up making them even more powerful and this has Saladin going “oh, hell no…”. You learn a little more about the Iron Lords, which was awesome as there’s so much lore that we hardly know shit about. I haven’t finished the entire thing, I only got up to where you get the sword, but I did enjoy it a lot. That last epic battle before you get the Awesome Sword was intense and had me freaking out. RoI definitely has this Dark Souls/Skyrim-inspired feel to the themes, battles, setting and music. I enjoyed what I played so far, I’ve yet to completely explode the new Crucible modes and get a chance do…Dat Raid.


One thing I kind of didn’t like about RoI is for those that preordered it, we were promised a bunch of goodies, which the main one was… the Iron Gjallahorn. For those of you who are new, the Gjallahorn is a rare but amaaaazing rocket launcher. Imagine angels descending from heaven and massaging every aching muscle of that sadistic side of you. That’s what it’s like when you used it to blow your enemies up. The rocket launcher was left behind and became a beloved memory for those us that were around in Year One. So you bet your ass we were like “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY” when Bungie made the announcement.


But something so glorious couldn’t come without a dick move.


You get the Gjallahorn but it’s inactive, you can’t use it until you do the main stuff and you get the sword. And then… and THEN you have to get six or seven medallions by going back to the mentioned locations and finding the pieces. One of which involves climbing to the very top of the mountain in the Iron Temple and that took me an hour and a half to do the first time I climbed the mountain. And that was with Kirito’s help because I’m way too stupid to do it on my own. >___>


You couldn’t just GIVE us the Gjallahorn, could you, Bungie? Even after we showered you with money, crack and hookers. You STILL couldn’t just let us have it, could you? You just like to make puppies cry don’t you? Why? Y u do dis? ;_;


Just wait until the horrors Kirito and I conjured up in our dark and twisted minds in the next upcoming videos.



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