Meanwhile in Crow’s World – and Rise of Iron







Yeah, it’s been killin’ me. x.x Just have not been in the best – but not in the worst. Have you ever felt the symptoms of a cold approaching, but you just never actually get sick, BUT it still kicks you? Lack of free time has kind of left me with little chance to work on any projects. All I’ve got so far is a bit of line work for another drawing that’s been kind of stagnant for about a week, week and a half. I was really hoping to have it done before this past weekend, didn’t happen but will still happen. I just barely started reviewing the footage for Ep 3. I might end up staying under my time budget this time.


The problem with my recordings is because I wasn’t able to record the audio from my team a majority of the time, all the really good stuff gets lost. :/ So I’m just barely able to salvage the stuff that is funny, which is all my stupid reactions to stuff. Some stupid things I just don’t remember all that well. XD But hopefully I can get better footage, especially with the release of Destiny’s new DLC “The Rise of Iron” just weeks away – there will be many shenanigans and it’s pretty exciting. We haven’t had a DLC in Destiny since last year, when “The Taken King” was released. Since then, it’s only been a freebie update, which Bungie has kind of fumbled the ball with this huge gap between content, so at least they made up for it with that April update.


As excited as I am with the new DLC on the way, I’m mildly disappointed they didn’t at least update the “Vault of Glass” and “End of Crota” raids to give out some year two goodies. It didn’t have to be anything major, but it’s nice to get some nice prizes at the end. I know a lot of people that still love to do the two raids just for funsies, including myself. I hate to see the two raids, including “King’s Fall” get swept under the carpet. Who doesn’t like to grab some friends and just derp in the raids over the weekend? I was really hoping “Rise of Iron” would focus more on the Cabal, they had a big presence in “Taken King”, I thought the story would have been a divingboard for exploring a very mysterious race. At the same time, I’m still excited to see the remaining forces humanity has left to trying to take back their homeworld. So I still think this will be exciting to take that stand.


That’s my little take on “The Rise of Iron”, I’m probably just repeating what everyone else has already said. Still felt like adding my little drop into the ocean of thought and sentiment. We’re only a month away and time is drawing closer and closer, I absolutely cannot wait!




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