So, here’s some Destiny goodies…

Hey, friends! Still getting my shit together, you guessed it. But in between responsible adulting (worst idea ever… but I like food) I’ve managed to create my first gaming video. It’s nothing super special, just on the basic side as far as editing goes… but I hope you at least get a good laugh out of it. Without further ado, here’s the first of “Crow Plays”, enjoy!



I hope you enjoyed my video, hopefully the editing will be a lot better. This is just to poke fun at my amazing gaming skills (pfffft) and just for some laughs. Hopefully I can make another video soon, I’m trying to balance out life, the universe and everything. Speaking of Destiny, I went ahead and drew my Warlock – since the recording I went and restarted my Warlock, I just felt bored one day and decided to redo the whole game. I came up with this guy, I call him “Pyotr”. :T




This was just a warmup drawing, I always do a little random thing before taking on a more serious project. I’m currently trying to make some new designs for my shops, I haven’t done anything in SO long. But that’s what happens when life spins out of control. 😦 Hopefully I can squeeze in some time to renovate this blog like I said I would… forever ago. Just wish me luck, guys!




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