Adventures of a Guardian

Hello, folks! Sadly I’m still without a computer, so I can’t really work on as much content as I had hoped. I hope I will be able to do so in the next coming weeks so here’s to hoping for the best!

In the mean time… here’s some pictures of some of my shenanigans on Destiny. Enjoy!

This Fallen Captain was having a bad day… So I gave him a hug. 😦


He’s sexy and he knows it…


We’re just working on our tans, because we’re a couple of sexy creatures like that.


Vex be like: “Oh, GIRL! Those robes… with those boots?? Who dresses you, Rahool?!” “…Yes! 😡 ”


This Dreg and I were just chillin’ and thinking about life.


And that’s it for my gaming silliness. I hope I can have some videos up within a month or so. See you next time!



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