The Art to Beauty

There’s an Art to Beauty

Any cosmetic enthusiast  or person in the business can tell you the beauty industry is BOOMING. Every year, billions of dollars around the world are spent on makeup, skin care and everywhere in between to achieve that perfect look. There’s some folks who say makeup is just an oppressive vanity. While for some that may be true, but for many others, that’s not the case.

Growing up, I thought makeup was stupid, a waste of time and money. It wasn’t until I stepped into adulthood and the time to find a job. I realized the more I put it on that it wasn’t just vanity, but I looked less tired and frumpy, and more polished and professional. Personal appearance is something a lot of hiring employers look in potential candidates. I admit it: it’s a superficial observation, but there’s some reasoning behind all that.

Makeup is part of an expression, it’s an art – I mean, if you think about it, your face is a canvas and foundations, eyeliners, blush, brushes etc, it’s all your tools and supplies! Just like a painter can paint something based on how they feel, the same goes for your look for the day. You are using your makeup and everything else as your expression for that day, whether it’s a fresh, natural look, a sultry, glamorous look, or a wild, avant garde style. Everyone has their own style, time and individually. And that’s the beauty of it.

There’s a reason the people who put makeup on others are called “makeup artists”. Like any other artist, they too need to learn the color wheel, which is one of the most important things because they have to understand what colors work best with their canvas – which is your skin! I mean, yeah, sure it’s just make up, you can just clean it off. But makeup artists have more on the line than most people.

That includes us cosmeticians – although it’s not enforced (depending who you work for), it definitely is suggested – in my opinion – that we understand color basics. I like to make sure my customers are happy and it helps when they’re aware that you are knowledgeable and a credible source of information (sometimes you get people trying something new and need your advice) in what you’re trying to sell them – it’s just good business. I’d expect the same in their situation.

They need to know some level of anatomy – mostly in the face. There’s so many shapes, sizes and placing of the eyes alone. They need to understand the general health of their canvas: do they have oily skin? Dry skin? Are they acne prone? The same way certain papers work best with certain paints, pens, pencils.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We all have different ways of using cosmetics to express our individuality, make a statement. For some, painting your face is for fun, others for cultural or religious beliefs. There is no true wrong way or right way. We’re all different and what works for some and makes them happy may be the opposite for others. As makeup artist, the amazing Wayne Goss always says “who cares? At the end of the day, it’s just make up, just wipe it off”. All that matters is what you like to do and that makes you happy. 

But brushing aside the superficial side of beauty, never lose sight of the true beauty that lays inside. As is always on Wayne’s videos: “no amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart”. Even if you’re an internationally famous supermodel or movie star, when you have an ugly heart, all that makeup and looks mean nothing. And then you’ll truly be ugly if you’re mean and unkind to others, if you’re a negative and toxic force. 

As fun as makeup is and playing with your look, never forget your true, inner beauty. As long as you are good to yourself and others, loving and compassionate you’ll always be beautiful no matter if you’re old, young, rich, poor, man, woman or anywhere in between. That’s where the real beauty is. Cosmetics is just another art form to express you on a more everyday level.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, feel free to leave your questions and comments. I always like to hear your thoughts and interact with others on all sorts of topics. See you next time, take care!



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