Life Happens…

I realize I’ve been absolutely horrible to updating, I always say “no, no, I’ll update more often, I promise!” And then months go by before I update again. You know, it just seems like whenever I have goals, I’m energetic, excited and super motivated and I only start to get things going… life just takes a huge, stinky shit all over everything and disrupts my life. Sometimes to the point of me losing all motivation as I fall into this dark, worm-infested pit and I’m stuck there.

And I’m struggling to crawl out, it’s not going to be easy… but damn it, I have to take back what made me happy. I really wish I could promise more updates more often, more art, etc. But that’s unrealistic… I can only TRY to be as I was and more. Just please be a little patient, I have so many obstacles to get through before I am in full flight once more.

Okay, so in more recent days I’m trying to renovate the concepts of my brand. Instead of just art, I’m also dedicating content to books, gaming, fashion and beauty. Just to be more versatile in what I do and enjoy. And I really hope you guys will enjoy the content I will be putting out. I can’t really promise anything spectacular,  due to a simple lack of resources to bring my vision completely to life as I see it in my heart in mind. I can only try my best, and that is exactly what I intend to do.

As always I will appreciate and be grateful for any small bit of support as well as ideas or critique. I’ve struggle so much just to even start following my dreams and I don’t intend on giving up. Wish me luck.



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