This Is My Heartbeat design + Plans for the journal

Hi, guys! Hope you’ve been doing well since the last time I posted on here! So, this time I have a new design available called “This Is My Heartbeat”. The concept for this design is a love of music. I can’t go a day without some good music, it helps wake me up, get me through the day, comfort me, etc. And I’m sure music has that impact on everyone else too, one way or another. Music just has such a powerful impact on people, it’s hard to imagine the world without it.

Now without further ado, here is the new design available on Redbubble:

And Society6:

An now, regarding the journal. I’ve had this particular thing for a year and it’s bugged me on how…blah… it looks. So, what I plan to do is look into how I can customize it and make it look more expressive. That was my plan for this week, but stuff came up and it all just got in my way, so I can’t and shouldn’t really promise for it happen any time to soon – but it will happen.

I also plan to re-title this journal to “Crow’s Tree”. I just think the name is a little more catchy. It’s just a funny little thing I like to do on Destiny, where I will chill in this one tree in the Tower while I upgrade stuff, wait for people, etc. I just want this place to look more presentable while I establish my presence as a selling artist online. It’s not going to be an easy road, but I think it will be worth it in the end. So, wish me luck, friends!



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