Sorry, sorry, sorry!

Hello, everyone, long time no see! First off I sincerely want to my dear followers, I know it has been a long time since I posted anything. A lot’s been going on since I posted my last drawing, and especially a page on Drastic Fall. I have not given up or lost interest at all, in fact I’ve been very slowly working on the pages.

Nothing’s drastically bad has happened to me, thank goodness. I’m well and everyone around me is well too, so I am grateful to the forces of the universe for that. BUT the main reason I’ve been away for so long is mainly because of work. My work schedule has been chaotic, I have one of those rotating schedules where every day is something different and sometimes that schedule will require me to work until late at night and then have me come in early the next morning. After all that I am too exhausted to do anything. It’s not easy, but I know there’s still a lot of you that have it worse than me.

But you know something? I’ve had enough of work controlling my life 100% (I still need it to control a portion of my life… I need to pay bills and stuff… ). I’m gonna get up and go do the things I ENJOY. And I enjoying creating artwork and sharing it with you guys. So I hope you guys can forgive me for my long absence! I mean, I have been working on new stuff as well, and I will be posting it soon. I just wanted to post this apology to all of you. I hope you’re doing well!

– Crow


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